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About Us

Vinnell-Belvoir Corporation is a general contractor company that focuses in meeting the construction, engineering and project management needs of various industries. Catering to both local and international clients, you can count on us to deliver quality results on time and within your budget.

Considered as one of the very few construction contractors in the Philippines with tangible overseas contracts, we meet not only the requirements of the local industry but also the high standards set globally. We touch a lot of ground under General Construction from simple infrastructures as commercial buildings to the heavy structural work like power plants and highways.

With 50 years in the construction and engineering industry, we take pride in having a significant and considerable amount of diverse construction projects in and out of the country. These include designing, constructing, repairing, removing or otherwise engaging in any work upon housing projects, buildings, roads, highways, manufacturing plants, power plants, bridges, piers, docks and waterworks. Our expertise also extends to all iron, steel, wood, masonry and earth construction.

Company Logo

logois proud symbol of the company depicts the letter “B”, with an ascending 45° arrow running from the base of the letter. The letter represents Belvoir, the company’s original name. The logo is bold and solid, as befits a company that undertakes massive construction projects. It emphasizes in the clearest, simplest way the qualities of progress, dependability, and positivism that have been a part of Vinnell-Belvoir Corporation image these past many years. Its color is an Industrial Blue, the thematic color of organization and precision.